Inhale Exhale with Josh Kohanek

Inhale Exhale with Josh Kohanek

Josh Kohanek just dropped this new short. Really liking it.

Director : Josh Kohanek. Cinematography : Josh Kohanek. Camera Assistant / Movi Tech : Chris Savage. Editor : Lauren Josephine. Color and Graphics : Lauren Josephine. Talent : Libby Yost. Casting Agent : Julia Wolfe Skalman (Wehmann). Voice Over : Maya Tuttle.

From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand

Lucas Saugen has been photographing his feet for the past 42 months. A simple idea but when put all together into a short video it becomes rather moving. In the past 42 months he has moved to San Francisco, bought a house, got married, and had a kid. See if you can spot the moments as they fly by.

Lucas' Bird Nests

Lucas has been hard at work in the studio photographing found bird nests. The detail the birds put into their homes is stunning. 

New Work from JCP for United Health Group

New Work from JCP for United Health Group

Our own Jonathan Chapman has been busy lately working with United Health Group. There's a bunch of great photos and motion work from JCP exploring the employees of United Health Group. Check out Jonathan's blog for all the work.

New Work, New Site from Karen Melvin

Our Karen Melvin just relaunched her website with a slick new design and most importantly a bunch of new work. Karen Melvin loves the light, a driving force in her photography,
reflected in her passion for creating beautiful interiors. Clients in advertising, design and editorial see this in her signature style. She has a well deserved reputation for a calm and professional work flow on location and in the studio. She photographs across the country for a host of national clients in the home products and design market.

The Bay Lights by Lucas Saugen

Lucas Saugen just added a whole gallery of work to our site. He has spent the past two years documenting the creation, development, and installation of The Bay Lights a 25,000 LED light sculpture on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

JCP Newspring Promo Vol 2.

Jonathan Chapman is releasing volume 2 of his newsprint promo today and there's a very nice behind the scenes video of the printing of it. Head over to his blog to read more about his latest edition and see some excellent photos of the promo. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a promo in your mailbox shortly.

Epoch by Jonathan Chapman

Our own Jonathan Chapman just released this wonderful motion piece titled 'Epoch'.

Here's what Jonathan has to say about it.

Epoch, translated as "a period of time in history or a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics," is a nostalgic narrative centered around childhood and the memories and emotions from this time of our lives. Read about the project and see production credits at:

Welcome Chris Bohnhoff

So excited to bring Chris Bohnhoff into the fold. Chris is a Lifestyle, Food and Portrait photographer who has also crossed over into motion projects. His clients range from Buffalo Wild Wings, to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, to McMurry/TMG Custom Media, to the Seward Grocery and Coop in South Minneapolis. His style is loose, authentic and fun, emphasizing people, back stories and relationships.

Chris' Portfolio

New Work from Josh Kohanek

Josh Kohanek just added a ton of new work to his portfolio; skateboarders and bikers and boaters. Oh my!

Did I just use a semicolon correctly? 

I really love the photo of the gentleman under two mounted antelopes. 

This second gallery is from a few days Josh spent walking around Chinatown in New York City. 

Earth Day

Inspiration from photographer @louieschwartzberg on @tedxtalks on beauty and gratitude.

JCP for MP3 "A Martin Patrick Lifestyle

From Jonathan Chapman Photography (intrigue) Jonathan's Blog

Spring is finally showing its face and we are excited to announce the premiere of “A Martin Patrick 3 Lifestyle.” The short film is a collaboration between JCP and the Minneapolis based men's clothing and accessories boutique Martin Patrick 3.  The project is an interlaced venture of film and fashion that will debut at the official pre-party for the ENVISION: Artopia® Spring 2013 Fashion Show.

The event is open to the public and is being hosted by Jonathan Chapman Photographer & Director, Martin Patrick 3, and ENVISION: Artopia® Spring 2013 Fashion Show.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 5:30 p.m. | Video Premiere at Dusk

Martin Patrick 3 | Warehouse District of Minneapolis | 212 Third Avenue North Suite 106 | Minneapolis, MN 55401

Complimentary eats by CRAVE Catering as well as cocktails flowing throughout the event.  Live music by DJ Bryan Gerrard.

Drop by after work to hang with industry creatives and fashion gurus alike. Multiple creative partners who joined in the production effort will also be present. We hope to see you and look forward to sharing our latest visual collaboration.

For more information including event updates, release of teaser trailers and artwork please follow the Facebook event page at

Stay tuned to the JCP blog where we will be launching teaser trailers in upcoming posts.

Collaborative partners and sponsors include: Splice, Filmerkid Visuals, Flashlight Photorental, Coelement, City Pages, Ignite Models, RAW,, Crave America, Rocco Altobelli Salon and Day Spa.

The Best Part of Waking UP

I just love this photo- I don't know the origin my husband found it on Pintrest.

Magical to enjoy a cup of coffee with dirty feet and a baby elephant nuzzling in!