It may not look like it with snow banks and ice but the Twins opener is on April 1st.  The excitement of opening day can't be beat- the energy, smells of food and cheers from the crowd.  Jonathan Chapman teamed up with Martin Williams and Volt Studios for a project with the Minnesota Twins Community Foundation.   You'll catch "Winter Baseball" spots on TV and at the Twins stadium.  Really gets you pumped for opening day and an exciting season for the Twins.  Hey, try a Valentini meatball at the stadium made by my cousins of Valentini's in Chisholm and Valentini's Vicino Lago in Duluth.  Mama mia, that's a big and tasty meatball.
 Good to catch up with Lucas Saugen back from San Fransisco working on a Target shoot with Kevin White.  Lucas worked on the Bay Lights project with dazzling photos of the iconic San Fransisco Bay Bridge alight with 25000 LED lights.  The bridge was transformed into public art.  Pretty cool!