Exposure in Aperture Priority Mode

So. How to properly expose a frame when shooting in this mode and call https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-proposal-photography/? At the beginning of the article, I deliberately did not mention the big minus of any semi-automatic mode, which did not bypass the Av mode. This is an inaccurate exposure of the frame. The camera slightly underexposes or overexposes the […]

Features of shooting in cloudy weather

To get interesting photos https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-proposal-photography/, camera settings may not be enough. The right composition and story can make a shot memorable and different from others. In difficult conditions, it is better to give preference to close-up shooting, such as portrait, macro, landscape. Make adjustments based on the lack of lighting, and go looking for bright […]

Exposure calculation

The exposure of the frame starts immediately after the shutter opens. If there are moving objects in space, then during the click they have time to move and become slightly blurry in the photo. Shutter speed is the time it takes for the shutter to open. It allows you to create the effect of a […]


You need a tripod to take professional photos because any movement of the camera blurs the image. When choosing a subject, you need to pay attention to 4 parameters: working height. This is the distance from the ground to the camera. It is better if the maximum height is greater than the height of a […]

How to choose a lens

It is difficult for novice photographers to choose a quality lens for a SLR camera on their own. Each of the accessories is used for a specific purpose, such as close, far, night, etc. A universal product has not yet been invented, however, there is a balanced Kit model, which is sold only in foreign […]

How to choose a technique and where to start

In order to choose a technique for beginners, you need to assess the financial capabilities and skills that a person now owns. The higher the cost of the goods, the wider the range of possibilities. However, for inexperienced photographers, it is better to purchase a simple automatic device. A device that takes good pictures on […]

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