Features of shooting in cloudy weather

To get interesting photos https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-proposal-photography/, camera settings may not be enough. The right composition and story can make a shot memorable and different from others.

In difficult conditions, it is better to give preference to close-up shooting, such as portrait, macro, landscape.

Make adjustments based on the lack of lighting, and go looking for bright spots that can brighten up any gray environment and freshen up the frame.

For example, when photographing nature, it is enough to capture some bright flower or bush with the lens to make the picture successful.

In bad weather, the shadows from various objects are soft, without a pronounced outline, which looks great in subject photos, so if possible, refrain from using flashes.

Avoid including the sky in the frame unless the artistic intent requires it, as it is the looming black clouds that add dullness.

For the background, it is best to choose bright objects, such as multi-colored children’s swings or bright green bushes.

Why is rain attractive for a photographer? Because it ends! Due to bad weather, puddles often form, which the photographer can use to fulfill an artistic intention when it becomes necessary to shoot some object reflected in the mirror surface of the water, for example, a tree with yellowed leaves, circles from raindrops and an old Ferris wheel standing alone in the middle alleys.

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